Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Journey, Part 14

Towards the end of the second thirty day period I began to read a book called "Rees Howell's Intercessor". I was totally floored and amazed by this book. The things that the Lord had this man doing were amazing. And his heart really was to do all and only what the Lord had told him, and God worked many miracles through him because of it. One night when I was reading I came across a part where a friend of his was sick, and the Lord instructed him and the friend to ask for a specific time and date of healing for the one who was sick. They fasted and prayed and the Lord gave them a day and time. And when that day and even the specific time came he was in fact completely healed. These words jumped out at me, and my spirit quickened within me, I then asked the Lord, was He telling me to do the same. I got no answer at the time, but decided I would ask my two friends who were on this journey with me to partner along side me to see if indeed this was the Lord's leading. So the next day I went to prayer and I told my friends about the book and what I felt the Lord might be telling me, and asked them to pray that I would receive some confirmation in some way. They agreed, but said the Lord might not tell them. I said I understood, and left it at that and we went on with our regular prayer time.

During this time I continued to pray about a specific day for my healing. As well as the awesome journey my friend and I were having with the Lord. One day out of the blue when we were praying my friend wrote down on a piece of paper a specific day October 17th, and handed it to me. I asked her about it, but she simply said I needed to pray about it. I put the paper in my purse and continued on praying. After we were done, I took her home, and wondered on the way home what that date could be. As soon as I got home I went to my prayer room, and really started praying about it. I struggled and wrestled with the Lord if this was in fact the day of my healing. I went back and forth in my mind if it was just me or not. I didn't want to get my hopes up, and at the same time I was so excited. I had waited so long for this, I didn't want to hear this wrong. I continued on in earnest prayer, struggling back and forth with my emotions. Finally after an hour and a half I heard the Lord say, that I simply needed to take a step of faith and believe. So taking a deep breath I said ok Lord I believe.

The next day I went to prayer, and told my friend, that October 17, 2008 was the day that the Lord was going to heal me. She smiled and said that yes that was what the Lord had told her, and that He wouldn't let her tell me, because He wanted me to seek it out. We both got all excited, and began rejoicing in the Lord. From there we felt like the Lord said I should march back and forth seven times for a short period of time. He gave us Scriptures on healing, and I would speak them out while I walked, while my friend joined with me in prayer. I poured all that was in me into this season of my life, believing more than I ever had that the Lord was going to heal me. I even thought at one point He told me I was to continue the march at home after the sixty days were over. So we agreed that I would march at my house and she would pray from her house at a certain time each day.

The Lord put on our hearts to do a three day fast for our church the last three days of our sixty day journey. So we began and finally the last day of the fast happened, and we both felt like the Lord told us the work He had for us to do was finished. Needless to say, we were a little slow on the draw and showed up for prayer the next day, and told each other what we had felt the Lord was saying the day before. After repenting ( asking forgiveness for not obeying Him ) and praying for some more stuff, we closed our prayer time. Knowing the work was done. This was done in September 2008. We agreed I would start marching on October 1st, 2008 and went our separate ways. ---Believer

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