Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Journey, Part 18

Note: I have only put five of my personal journal entries in this. The ones I felt most pertain to this blog. For the sake of privacy, and the protection of people I care about no names are used except those used in scriptures.


Wednesday March 4, 2009

Today I went and had my weekly meeting with my Care Pastor. It was amazing! We were sitting there just talking about how things have been going, and I was sharing with her stuff about my brother in-law and his adjusting to living here. And then we moved on to how I always think about end times, my fears, and my doubts of my salvation, and how I didn't feel prepared. And that I had great fear, of all that. And in that came out a movie I saw when I was little of the end times, and all the scary stuff that was in the opening scene. And as I was telling her this it was a total God moment. And it was like neon lights going off for her that this was a stronghold that had driven me my entire Christian life. We then were led by the Lord to do the repent, renounce, break, and speak blessings that we learned from Cleansing Streams. So we prayed together, with her having me lead out, and her in agreement with me. So I just started praying, confessing, repenting, breaking and blessing, with her agreeing with me. The Lord then led me to confess, repent, breaking, and blessing in the area of believing the lies of the enemy, in regards to condemnation. After that She felt we were supposed to do Communion, so we did. From there we just talked, and cried, and I felt so humbled, and yet at one point we started laughing and couldn't stop. God is so good, and He is so faithful. I stand amazed. During our prayer time I did feel the Lord tell me that I WILL STAND!!!!

Another thing that happened yesterday that was pretty amazing. I came home and as I was climbing the stairs I noticed my tree. It's coming to life, with little buds all over it, so I ran inside grabbed the camera, and took a picture of it. I believe the Lord showed me in the winter that tree is like me, I took a picture of it all stripped and barren, now I have one of it budding. I so love My God.

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