Sunday, May 17, 2009

Journey, Part 25

For the past eight weeks I've been going through the " Cleansing Stream Seminar" with my friend and Care Pastor. We finished up with the Retreat this past weekend. It was far more than anyone could have asked for and believed would happen. There were around 100-150 people there and it was so amazing to watch every one get free from all the bondage's. The neat thing about Cleansing stream, is that it is a discipleship ministry. Teaching and training people up to get rid of bondage's from their lives, and be able to stay free. For many of us we would go up for prayer with something in mind, or not knowing what to expect and then God in His Awesomeness would do what He wanted.

I personally have done Cleansing Stream eleven times, I've done every thing from being a participant to being an anointer. Ten times in the church that I went where I lived before I met my husband and got married. And I just finished the eleventh time this past weekend, except this time I went as a participant. Now you may be asking yourself why anyone would go through something like that eleven times. Well my answer to you is 1.) It's like an onion that has many layers, and each time you go through God goes a little deeper, and peels another layer of the onion off. And 2.) It's not only awesome to get free myself, but to see so many other people getting free as well from the stuff from our pasts. And then the third and final reason is that you walk away with tools that you will be able to use your entire Christian walk.

On Friday night we were dealing with rejection, and the spirit behind rejection. Well God began dealing with me two days before the retreat, about my childhood and began showing me how much rejection I really had felt as a child, that I really didn't think had been there. But He began to show me on Wednesday before the retreat. Once we were dealing with the rejection on Friday night, the Lord began to show me that I had, so much shame and self rejection, for being born with Cerebral Palsy. Now like I said in an earlier blog, I've never felt sorry for myself for being born the way I was born. I've always taken the stance that I wouldn't be who I am if I hadn't been born with a disability. So when the Lord started showing me this I knew He was touching stuff from way back in my childhood. Stuff I hadn't even realized was there.

They had us go up for prayer, by rows and where I was sitting was about three quarters of the way back so I had a while to wait, but as soon as the people in the first row stood up and started going to be prayed for I started crying, and I couldn't stop. I cried the whole time, and finally I got my turn to be prayed for. I went up, and I began to tell the anointer ( the person who prays for and with you ) of my childhood, We went after the spirit of rejection, and broke it's hold over my life, and commanded it to never return in Jesus Name.

I don't want you to think that we were a bunch of demon possessed people, because we weren't. Once a Christian and you have accepted Jesus into your heart, you CAN NOT be demon possessed, because Jesus holds that place in our hearts. But what we can be is oppressed, which means being held down by the enemy, and he can tell you lies and try to hinder your walk with Christ, and to try to keep you from becoming all that God wants you to be.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Christians aren't perfect, we are simply saved by the grace and mercy of God through His Son Jesus.---Believer.

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