Monday, May 18, 2009

Journey, Part 26

On Saturday we addressed many things like purity, and fear. One of the things was on guilt, shame and condemnation. I have to let you know for you to understand this part of my story, that I have my own personal term of endearment for the Lord. I call Him " my Jesus " thereby making it very personal. Below I have included a section of an email that I had sent to a friend of mine telling her of what God did for me on Saturday morning at the Cleansing Stream Retreat:

I'm rediscovering my Jesus, and He has done so much in my life. I love Him so much. And for the first time in my life I know that I really am His. This weekend at the retreat was amazing. There came a time when we went up for prayer for Guilt/Shame and Condemnation. I went up with and idea of what I wanted prayer for, But God had other things in mind. They had us get water all over our hand so we could remove the veil that was keeping us from seeing the Lord. So one of the people helped me walk over to an anointer so I could keep my hands wet. The anointer held onto my arms so I wouldn't fall over and they told me to go ahead and wipe the veil off my face. So because I had done this before, I simply went through the motion. At that point a captain ( that's someone who is there for the anointer if they need help praying ) came up and said are you done. I didn't feel like I was done so they told me to do it again, tears were streaming down my face, they told me to take my time and do it as much as I needed too. The more I did it the more aggressively I wanted this off of me. I began to cry harder and began to push harder on my face pulling the veil down, in the spirit I could see like I was clawing at my face trying to get this thing off of me, finally I saw one large chunk that looked like black bubble wrap come off my face, and I knew I was done, so they told me to look up with my eyes open and hands raised high in praise. They were encouraging me and praying and rejoicing with me the whole time. The captain asked me if I could see my Jesus. I was having problems but I knew the Lord wanted to show me something. He told me it was ok if I closed my eyes. I was telling the Lord that I loved Him, when I saw Him or I should say the impression of Him, and He cupped my face in His Hands, and on my right side, the side where I had seen the stuff removed, He began stroking with His hand, as if He were healing that place. I told Him again that I loved Him, and He simply said "My Cathy". Well of course I totally lost it at that point, and praised Him all the more. From there we went after the spirit of guilt shame and condemnation, and cast it out of my life for good. I am Free! And I know that I know, That I really am His. And know that He loves me.

I just wanted to share with you a little bit of what God does at these retreats I know His work is not all about me, but this was just so very precious. He's so amazing! You see God knows right where to meet us, and when to meet us. He so gentle with us because He loves us so very much. He wants to see all His children free from the things that bind us. And I will have to say time and time again I've seen how God brings healing and restoration through the " Cleansing Stream " Ministry.

Won't you step into His cleansing stream? You will never regret it.---Believer

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