Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Journey, Part 7a

When I was two months from turning 17, I met a man who was ten years older than me. And for the next two years he consumed my life. He became my everything and I fell totally in love with him. The only problem was that he was very controlling. Under pressure from him and being driven by need for love and acceptance I began to wear what he wanted me to wear, talk like he wanted me to talk, act like he wanted me to act. He controlled what movies and tv I would watch, because if I even mentioned I thought a star was cute, I would no longer be able to watch that movie or show. My family didn't really like him, but after a lot of fighting, let me date him anyways.

My entire Junior year and the very first part of my Senior year in High School were spent in massive amounts of rebellion ( I was a late bloomer in this department ). To say that I was horrible to all my family members, mainly to my poor mother, is the understatement of the century, I was mean and cruel to her in so many ways, and I'm sure she just didn't know how to handle me. The only one I would really listen to was my boyfriend and his family, which I later regretted in so many ways. But He would buy me all kinds of stuff, either him or his family, and in many ways I really believed that all this would fill that void I had felt for so many years.

By the time I was a senior in school he had exposed me to massive amounts of pornography, he would force me to read articles from many porn magazines over the course of our relationship.

One night on his way home from work he pulled off the road to snort a line of methamphetamine, when a police officer pulled over behind him and arrested him for drug use. While searching the car they came across a picture he had of a naked little girl who was the daughter of a friend of his who was also molesting all four of his kids. I want to state very clearly at this point that neither his family nor I knew anything about him doing anything like this. He was then arrested and charged with child molestation.

One night I called over to his parents house because that is where he lived. His mother could barely talk she was crying so hard, and wouldn't tell me what was wrong except that he was in bad trouble. It stayed that way for months. I had no idea what he had done. Then one Saturday night an acquaintance of mine, came to my house, a guy I grew up going to school with. In the course of our conversation, he told me that my boyfriend had molested his little sister. I stood there completely stunned. I was in total shock and unbelief. I went in and called my boyfriends family, and they outright lied to me, and said no he hadn't. I went in and told my family I was going for a walk, and I wouldn't be back.

The rest of this part of the story is in Journey, Part 7b. ---Believer

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