Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Journey, Part 7b

I went with my friend and we hitchhiked for about twenty or so miles to where he and his family lived. It was there I learned the truth of what happened. I stayed with them for about a week and a half to two weeks. I wasn't allowed to eat much, and eventually left there and stayed in a motel with a man twice my age in exchange for sex. My whole world was destroyed. Finally, one day as I was sitting in his motel room starving cause I was barely eating, I thought why am I living like this when I could go home, and have a warm place to live, and food in my belly, and be with people I know loved me. So after three weeks of being gone, I called my mom and asked if I could come home. She said yes. She asked where I was and came and got me. I grew up a lot after that. I went back to school, and stopped my horrible behavior, and even graduated with my class. And much to the surprise and relief of my family, I became me again.

When my boyfriend found out that I knew the truth, he fed me a bunch of lies, and proposed to me, to get me to be on his side. And I was naive enough to believe his lies. Over the next year I stayed with him, loyal and by his side. When he finally got sentenced it was for five years that he would go to prison for his crime. Still I stayed by his side for the another year. He still controlled me from prison, and I still believed the lies, until the one and only time that I ever saw him behind bars. I had been invited by his parents to take a trip to see him, and as I was sitting there across from him, the lights came on so to speak, and I finally admitted the truth to myself that I had known all along and chosen to ignore. That he had in fact committed the crime.

After returning home I knew I needed to get out of the relationship. I sent him a dear John letter, and packed up everything he or his family members ever gave me, and left it beside their mailbox with a letter saying goodbye.

This concludes my childhood years part of this blog. I want to personally thank you for bearing with me. I promise that this will all make since eventually. God bless you all. ---Believer

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