Saturday, May 9, 2009

Journey, Part 9

I continued to grow in the Lord over the next year. I was so in love with my Jesus and so hungry for Him.

I remember driving to church with my daughter who was four at the time and us taking turns picking out songs that we could sing to Jesus. She was excited about Him as well. When she was five years old she accepted Jesus into her heart. She came out of Sunday school on Sunday and she was so excited to tell her dad and myself that she had asked Jesus to come into her heart and live that day. We both rejoiced with her. She wanted me to read to her from The Bible for hours every night. She was so in love with Jesus too.

God did so many things that year. It was amazing. He is amazing.

My ex-husband kept making remarks of how much I had changed. I don't think he was to thrilled with the change, but I simply looked at him and said, I was glad, because I didn't want to be back where I was prior to Jesus getting a hold of my heart.

After about a year I started to feel a stirring in my spirit, and the Lord led me to go to the Foursquare Church where my sister was attending. That really began a huge time of growth in the Lord for me. I went from being a baby ( new ) Christian to being one who was growing and maturing in Christ. Not only did I grow there, but my daughter loved going, and she grew in the Lord as well.

One Tuesday morning in 1995 the youth pastors wife, who is just a totally sweet woman, had come in briefly to do something while our Bible study group was meeting. We were talking, and she looked at me and said, " The Lord told me He is going to physically heal you " I looked at her, and smiled and said " That's great, I receive that". At the time I was just sort of amazed, and not sure what to do with that information. But I knew that she was a woman who heard from the Lord, and that I could trust her, she simply wouldn't have told me that if He hadn't told her. This started me on a fourteen year journey of waiting for the Lord to heal me. I totally believed and had faith. But I'm getting a head of myself here, so let me back track a little .

From there I really began to grow in the Lord, and became involved with a ministry called " Cleansing Stream ". As well as a woman's group called Aglow. Through " Cleansing Stream the Lord began setting me free from a lot of the bondage's that came from my past. One of those bondage's was the fear of the dark that I had suffered from for so many years. I just realized one day after going through the classes, and the retreat, that it no longer bothered me to be in the dark. I was amazed. And was so in awe of God. Through Aglow I learned leadership skills and really how to do spiritual warfare because I had served on the local board for two years. All the while standing on the promise of healing the Lord had given me. ---Believer

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